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For your SBA Loan, go with #1

Right now, small businesses and entrepreneurs are working hard to grow our economy and define the American business landscape. These people are pioneers who take risks and work around the clock every day to be successful. And at Alterra, we want to help this entrepreneurial spirit grow.

If your business plan is in need of working capital or financing fixed assets for growth, we can help with a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan through Alterra Bank.

The Alterra SBA Loan isn't just one thing. We offer a wide variety of long-term small business loans to stimulate cash flow and provide financing for your business purposes. With a variety of SBA loans to choose from, including the 7(a), 504, Express, or Micro Loan - small businesses can turn to Alterra Bank to help find the right SBA loan solution that will satisfy their current and future business needs.

Types of SBA Loans Available

  • 7(a) Loan

    Provides attractive financing solutions for small to medium sized business, offering loan programs not seen in traditional financing — all backed by a government guarantee.

  • 504 Loan

    Provides a financing solution for the purpose of fixed assets (and related soft costs) that promote the growth and development of the business, including commercial real estate, machinery and buildings.

  • Express Loan

    Provides a smaller loan amount than the 7(a) or 504 loans but with a streamlined and expedited loan process that results in faster turnaround (usually within 36 hours of the application receipt). Follows many of the standards for the 7(a) Loan program.

  • CAPLine Loan

    Helps small businesses meet their short-term and cyclical working-capital needs. It features five lines, each with the specific regulations concerning the use of the loan proceeds.

  • Patriot Express

    Provides the same flexibility of an Express Loan, but is available only to businesses owned and controlled by eligible veterans and members of the military community who want to establish or expand a small business.

At Alterra Bank, we're not just lenders, we're partners in business who want to understand and improve your business and your finances. Speak to an Alterra Business Loan associate today and we’ll help you find the SBA Loan that’s perfect for growing your business.

You can also combine your SBA Loan with an Alterra Bank Business Checking account and a Business Savings Account for greater access to our line of financial tools.

In March 2012, we lent a

$318,000 SBA Express Loan to an optometrist.

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